Do you ship to my country?  What is the shipping fee?
We ship worldwide.  US shipping starts at $8.  International shipping starts at $35.  See shipping and ordering for more details.


What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards, PayPal, and US money orders.  See shipping and ordering for more details.


When will my order ship?
During most times of the year, most products require 2 business days to prepare for shipment.  A red mark indicates an unavailable product.  See shipping and ordering for more details.


Are the prices for a single item or a set?
All prices are per single item.  We strive to offer the best value in American-made throwing knives made from virgin steel.  If you find a better deal, let us know!


What knives do you recommend?
The Shur-knife, Talisman, and North Wind are proven designs that always come to mind.  The buyer is encouraged to read about the various styles of no-spin knife throwing and select one style that is appealing.  The throwing style will determine the ideal knife length and balance, and a suitable knife can then be selected.  Most of our knives are 10 to 11 inches long because this size is compatible with most no-spin throwing styles.  When in doubt, select the knife that is visually appealing and available.  Please email with any questions.


Do you have a physical storefront?  Is there a distributor of Flying Steel knives near me?
No, flyingsteel.com is the only place to purchase new Flying Steel gear.


Can you (or I) sharpen the edges of a Flying Steel knife?
Flying Steel knives are made to withstand the abusive nature of knife throwing.  The steel hardness and bevel grind angle are optimized for maximum toughness and safety rather than slicing or edge-holding ability.  We do not offer sharp edges.  See use and care info for more details.