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2017 • Feb 9

The Upriser and the No-spin Trainer are available now!

The first 2017 batch of Arrow knives sold out immediately, but we are working on a new batch in 5160 steel. 


2017 • Jan 1

Happy New Year!  We are extremely excited to begin our 10th year of business, and we hope your year is full of joy and success.  We're working on some new limited-release models, including the Upriser and some large 14-inch knives.

The Arrow knife will be back in February or March with a slightly revised design.  The Trail Ranger will also come back at some point as a limited batch.  I am also working on a new batch of stainless steel No-Spin Trainers that will be available in late January.  Thank you!


2016 • Nov 7

The ArrowTrail Ranger, and Storm Hunter knives are almost gone - get yours while you still can!

The Shur-knife design will change to the 2017 version later this week.

A new knife, the Upriser, will be unveiled very soon.  Thank you!


2016 • Oct 7

The Arrow and Trail Ranger knives are now available!

Over the coming months, more design revisions will be rolled out.  We're excited to see how the 6150 steel performs.


2016 • Aug 3

The Arrow knife is now available for pre-order!

East Winds are now being cut from sheet rather than bar.  I took the opportunity to slightly widen the profile to add a few grams, putting it at 215-220 grams.

The Talisman knife design will undergo a minor revision.  The changeover will happen very soon.  The new version (gen 4) will be slightly thinner (by approx 1/64") and slightly lighter (by approx 15 grams).

We're switching back to US steel in fractional thicknesses.  Over the next 9 months, most other designs will be modified so that the overall weight remains optimal.  I'll be working with 6150 and 1075 steel and I'm really excited to see how the 6150 performs.

We'll shutdown production and shipping for a week in August due to vacation.  The listed wait times of each product reflect this.



2016 • July 13

Our custom order book is open again.  I can offer completed throwing knives, cut shapes, or raw steel.

The East Wind design has been revised slightly to add a bit of weight.

The Talisman design will undergo a minor revision in a few weeks.  The new version (gen 4) will be slightly thinner (by approx 1/64") and slightly lighter (by approx 15 grams).

The ETA on the next Arrow batch is still undetermined.  As soon as I have more definite expectations, I'll post here and send out an email.  Thank you!



2016 • June 14

Shur-knives are back in stock!  Also our custom order book is open until June 27.  Thank you!



2016 • May 27

Arrow knives are almost here!  I have a small batch going to heat-treat on Tuesday May 31.  They are available for pre-order here.  As of now, only 9 Arrows from this batch are available.  Thank you!



2016 • Apr 26

I'm experiencing major supply delays with the next batch of knives, which includes Shur-knives and Arrow knives.  The batch is pushed back 3-4 weeks; possibly more.  Shur-knives may sell-out before being replenished.  If you are on the email list, you will be notified when knives from this batch are ready.  Thank you for your patience!

I have 10 discount Vayu knives here - get them while they last.  Thank you!



2016 • Apr 1 

The April customer-appreciation giveaway will start tonight.  If you have ordered in 2015, Jan, Feb or Mar 2016, you have been invited to join the mailing list.  Check your email and sign up to have a chance to win a free knife!

We're working on two new knives for 2016, shown in this rendering.  The ETA of both knives is May or June.

 On top is the 'Trail Ranger' - a 12.6-inch version of our Storm Ranger.  The Trail Ranger will be our competition-compliant rotational throwing knife for 2016.

On the bottom is Tom's new version of the 'Arrow' knife.  You can see Tom in action here.  We're using a special plate of 5.8-mm / 0.23-inch steel for this design to hit the required thickness. 

The outlook for other knives in our line-up is as follows:

  • Shur-knife, North Wind, Talisman:  Designs are stable and will be indefinitely available.
  • Vayu:  Current stock is estimated to last throughout the summer.  At that time, the design will be retired.
  • Storm Ranger:  3 remaining as of now.  Another batch will be made later this year.
  • Storm Hunter, Kunai, Sorcerer 4:  Endangered species!  Stock is very low, so get them while they last!  Once sold, these designs will be retired.



2016 • Mar 27 

Happy spring!  Check your email - I just sent an email to everyone who ordered in 2015.  Emails for 2016 customers will be rolling out this week.  As in previous years, the 2016 giveaways will be customer-appreciation events, open to those on the new email list.  If you are a customer who did not receive the invitational email, but would like to join the mailing list, please email me.  The next customer-appreciation giveaway is coming right up in April!



2016 • Mar 16 

I've pulled the plug on custom powdercoat finishes.  My apologies to anyone who is inconvenienced.  I've been outsourcing the process, and dealing with the paperwork, organization, and scheduling has become a headache.  Hopefully in the coming years, I'll expand the workshop and start doing some coatings in-house.



2016 • Mar 5 

Here is the March giveaway knife #3!  If the product shows 'Not Available,' it means the knife has been taken.

I still have a few $25 discount knives available here.  All are used and refurbished with a tumbled finish.  As of now, there are two of each style available - if you can add them to the cart, they are still available. 



2016 • Mar 1

Let the giveaways begin!  I have three Vayu knives for the month of March.  Each giveaway knife will be revealed one at a time, randomly throughout the month.  When a free knife has been claimed, the link will either show 'not available', or it will be unlisted.   Update: Knives #1 and 2 have been claimed!  The checkout for a $0 merchandise order is glitchy, so here is a single-use $40 discount code for Vayu knife #2:



2016 • Feb 27

Custom Work update:  Officially I am no longer accepting custom orders.  As Flying Steel grows, there is always some type of problem or delay in my workflow.  Because of this, it has become difficult to keep custom work reasonably priced, profitable and punctual.

However, there are a few exceptions.  Any spike can be made at a different thickness, width, or length.  I can regrind or cut-back any existing knife pattern.  For example, I can make the head or tail of any knife more narrow to manipulate the balance point.  I can add indents to the spine of any knife to provide placement for your index finger.  I can shorten any knife pattern.



2016 • Feb 19

I have a few discount knives available here.  All are used and refurbished with a tumbled finish.  As of now, there are two of each style available - if you can add them to the cart, they are still available.  Thank you!



2016 • Feb 18

Catching up with some old news:  As of summer 2015, all knives feature a convex bevel grind.  Furthermore, all knives except the Talisman feature a gradient handle chamfer.

The convex bevel grind is done to provide maximum impact strength to the tip and false edges of each knife.

The gradient handle chamfer is done to optimize comfort and index finger control.  On one hand, a knife with a rounded or chamfered handle is comfortable and withstands impacts well.  On the other hand, a knife with a flat spine provides a great deal of no-spin control.  I'm grinding the knives so that the last few inches of the handle are heavily chamfered, but the middle section is not.  In other words, the area that contacts your palm is rounded and comfortable, while the area that contacts your index finger is more flat and squared-off.



2016 • Feb 16

Thanks for visiting!  The first promo is a limited batch of 10 discounted Vayu knives for $25 each.  When all ten promo knives are sold, the product will either show 'not available', or will be unlisted.