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The Arrow is a specialized knife designed by and produced under license with Tom Hampich, an expert no-spin and half-spin knife thrower. The extreme handle-heavy balance is the Arrow’s primary trait. Version 6 – now 0.25″ thick.

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    My first “real” throwing knife. I was impressed with the quality of this knife. I had to have one after watching Thomas Hampich’s tutorials on no-spin throwing – so now I have four. I had to get used to the weight of the knife after only ever practicing with old steak knives and such, but before long could make consistent throws. This knife really sticks deep with little effort, but watch out for ricochets! Also I would recommend a sturdy target backplane. They will eat right through thinner material in no time due to the massive handle behind the much smaller blade point.

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    The Arrow design has taken the no-spin community by storm. One only needs to watch some TomTom videos to understand why:

    The Arrow builds on tail-heavy no-spin knife designs, but takes it further. One key improvement is “handle bulb”. The gentle curve at the top of the bulb facilitates consistent placement, and gives subtle leverage for a push / drag throwing style. Of course, like any knife, execution of the concept is key. Patrick’s attention to detail includes subtle texture changes on the edges; by polishing some spots and not others, one can properly slide (or push) at just the right spot(s). Other details include proper de-sharpening for safety and a “correct” edge angle for deep sticks without being too thin.
    Pro-tip: don’t buy 1; buy 3-5. Achieving consistency will be far easier.

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    This is a very high quality knife. It is my favorite knife of the 150+ that I own. John Grabowski’s review here really says it all. I use a Fedin grip with this knife. I use other knife designs for other styles, but Fedin + the Flying Steel Arrow is my favorite combination.

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    The Arrows are by far my favorite knives by flying steel. I own the North Winds as well as the East Winds all are great. For me though these are the” BOMB”. Patrick has an amazing eye for detail and fit and finish. As well as some of the best customer service to be found anywhere. Not to mention the lifetime warranty. I own 6 Arrows and want to buy 4 more, so I can throw 10 in a string. When working on a particular aspect, it helps not having to walk and retrieve the knives.
    Customer for life
    Alex Shafir

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    top quality, incredibly easy to throw knife, effortless sticks with no spin and half spin. put it through some serious punishment with absolutely no loss of function. ive even taught my 68yr old mother to throw these with great success (she’d never thrown a knife in her life before). had no issues with shipping to australia, looking to buy a full range from flying steel, cant recommend enough, very satisfied.

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    I’ve been buying my knives from flying steel for about 3 months now, if you are serious about throwing this is where to buy, some people may say they are too expensive, but you get what you pay for. Patrick the owner is a complete gentleman and knows how to run a business and has great customer service, which is hard to come by these days, I just finished purchasing my 12th arrow and have never thrown better in my life, I’ve also purchased other knives and ALL of them are of the best quality. My skills have improved by at least 90%, and I attribute that not only to practice, but the knives I purchase from flying steel. I will never go back to using cheap throwers again. I can’t stress enough how good these knives are. My only regret is that I can’t buy as many as I want. Keep up the great work Patrick.

    Sincerely, Brian R

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    I bought 4 Arrows and I love them. For me the Arrow is the best knife for instinctive knife throwing. The Arrows are perfect for Skanf (Fedin half- and no-spin) but also great for Ahmadu style. The quality is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, super heavy quality.
    I ordered from Austria and the delivery was fast.
    Great job Flying Steel!

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    This is the king of the no-spin knife world. if you are serious about combat/instinctive knife throwing, then you need at least 3 of these. Both Patrick’s craftsmanship and Tom’s design come together to serve up extreme function and sleek elegance to spare in this knife!

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    Man I Finally own some real knives these are awesome! Use them almost everyday since I got them gonna hit the with the grinder today to get the point back. These are the real deal the weight alone took a few days to get use too plus the big bulb on the handle. However once I figured them out I can even throw them right handed Most knives I’ve owned would have broke by now plus the weight makes them excellent to juggle. Cant wait to get my next set!

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    Not much left to say in review about these knives. Serious mass of steel for serious throwers – a real must-have-stuff, if you’re one. In general: great for Fedin style/SKANF no spin and half spin, medium to longer distances, they love thick targets as they go deeply in. Now I finally became one of the many truly satisfied owners of Patrick’s Arrows. They arrived within 7 days, no shipment problems at all. Thank you!
    No doubts, no lies, five stars.

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    I recently ordered my first knives from Flying Steel and since I wanted a variety I ordered three different knives. The Arrow is one of the three that I ordered and so far is my favorite knife because of ease of use and I like how it feels in my hand.

    Over-all I’m very happy with Flying Steels customer service and they’re sure to be sending more knives to me in the near future.

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    Got my arrows right after Christmas. They’re simply PERFECT! Thanks for making such a quality knife.
    i’ll definitely be buying more stuff from Flying Steel!

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    These knives are unbelievably awesome! I improved on my no spin distance by over 10 feet from my longest throw!!! I can’t wait for my next order of the East Wind!!!

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    Absolutely the BEST no spin knife design ever! Nothing compares to this knife! SERIOUS! Anyone can learn to throw! Save time and money, don’t buy all the cheaper throwing knives, this is the best!

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    After starting, like many others, with cheaper commercial throwers and improvised throwing tools, and now owning an East Wind and an Arrow from Patrick, I can say without a doubt that this is the finest implement that I have ever thrown. My only problem is that i only bought one instead of three. I am also very impressed with the toughness of the s7 steel used in the last batch, and can’t wait for the next to become available to acquire several more!

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    Best no spin knives I’ve ever thrown. I took my new Arrows to the Superhero Foundry and had a blast. They made me look good. Y’all do a fantastic job. I’d buy a Flying Steel T-shirt if you have some made. Thanks for doing what you do.

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    Like most of the other Arrow-design owners of the world, I saw videos of Tom-Tom and Adam Celadin, and began craving this knife. The weight of this feels fantastic for farther distances, compared to my East Winds, and the ease of utilizing the Fedin grip/finger push technique makes it really effortless to get consistent sticks. Had one NAIL (sparkles, loud clang, everything you DON’T want your knives to do) the handle of one already in the target. Immediately thought “Well, yay lifetime warranty!”. TINY bit of mushrooming on the tip, but a quick moment with a file, and it sticks as well as it did out of the box. The handle that was hit barely had a mark on it. Fantastic material choice/craftsmanship makes this my #1 choice for throwing instinctive or half-spin. Don’t want to make my no-spin knives motion sick by rotational throwing them!

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    World’s absolute best no spin throwing knife! I’ve spent tons of money trying others until I found these beauties. Perfect in every way especially the newest iteration, slightly thicker, harder material, all versions are great, the newest is simply the best anywhere! Love these knives! Thanks for your diligence in perfecting this awesome knife!

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    Love the arrow ,wish I could of bought more. Hope to buy three more soon as I can. High quality perfectly crafted.

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    Just received the arrow yesterday morning and it’s by far the finest knife in my collection. You can’t put a price on quality thanks so much. Will be ordering more in the future.

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    I have purchased several different Flying Steel knives and the Arrow is my favorite. The contour is natural in the hand, feels right, good weight and durability. I beat up my knives and my Flying Steel have never broke.

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    Since I am new to knife-throwing and to no-spin-throwing in particular, I was looking for a knife especially made for this style of throwing.
    I recently received my order and was impressed by the quality and weight of the “Arrow” (even more so since it was discounted due to some “minor warp” – which I wasn’t able to see .)
    The first throws already look quite promising. Thanks for the fast shipping!

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    I haven’t had a chance to throw my Arrows yet (or my North Wind) but they look and feel amazing out of the packaging.

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    Wow just incredible these knives are perfect for me, they arrived fast and ontime , just wanted to shout out and say thank you Patrick B. and all who work at flying steel, this was the best investment ive made for my throwing by far

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    Very simply the gold standard for no-spin throwing, I’ve had my set of 3 since 2016 and despite some pretty shocking abuse they are essentially indestructible. Once you get into the different approaches to no-spin throwing technique these are probably more suited to the whip power generation styles exemplified by Thomas Hampich, Yuri Fedin, Nail Ahmadu but do work perfectly well with the pushing styles seen more often in competitions. Basically if you’re interested in no-spin you have to have a set.

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    I struggled with which adjectives to use to describe these knifes.

    Any adjective that is positive would work (e.g. awesome, amazing, excellent) because these knifes are in a class of their own, when compared to other throwing knifes on the market.

    The Craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality are second to none.

    This holds true for all the Flying Steel Knifes I own. They are the best knifes you can buy – period.

    As a bonus, the own and knife maker Patrick is so thoughtful and easy to communicate with. He truly takes customer service to the next level.

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    All of my previous knives have either not been very good throwers, because of weight and balance, or the knives would brake after only a few throws, or they would chip or bend. The Flying Steel Arrow is the first quality knife I have ordered. It is virtually indestructible and it throws well and sticks great. I only bought one Arrow to thoroughly test it for myself. I will be ordering on an ongoing basis, so I will have at least 3-9 Arrows and will not have to walk back and forth to the target so much.

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    I was skeptical that the Arrows would live up to all the reviews, but they sure did. Basically this review is to reiterate all of the reviews above.

    Previously I had only used cheaper throwers and could only master throwing fixed distance, single or double spin. I knew the form for no spin throwing but was having trouble with the cheaper throwers. About 20 minutes into throwing the Arrows, I had started to get fairly consistent with no spin throwing. It’s been two weeks now and I can throw half spin and no spin shockingly well for how much difficultly I was having before using the Arrows.

    Very highly recommend these knives. I will definitely be buying some North and East Winds when I have the funds.

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    After learning with cheaper knives I decided to upgrade to some quality throwers, and the arrows were the perfect choice they feel good in the hand and release smooth and fly true, In just a few days I was already throwing better and sticking a lot more consistently, if you’re serious about throwing flying steel knives are the quality you’re looking for.

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    I am 68 with Parkinson’s tremors. I took up throwing several months ago and was quite satisfied with my improvement. Then I bought a Starship, a great knife but too small for my hands and I had been used throwing much heavier, longer knives (I throw every day). Now I have an Arrow, WOW. I have trouble NOT sticking it. This has to be among the very best throwing knives money can buy and yes I will buy at least four more. Very therapeutic for me and I am amazed at my increasing accuracy and consistency. Many thanks to Flying Steel and to Patrick for manufacturing such a fine product at a fair price!!

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    I am in NYC and as of now it has been hit the hardest by the Coronavirus and people like me who are 68 years old stays home avoiding social distance. Thank God that I am retired! Being said, I started taking up no spin knife throwing about 3 weeks ago! I brought many types of throwing knives from Amazon and started to learn the Russian side style knife throwing and got pretty good at it for practicing on the average 2 hours per day.
    I came across Flying Steel and was very impressed with their knives and I had ordered at first one Talisman and one Arrow. Wow, to my surprise, they flew like the wind in “no spin” throws from 9 feet to my target and stuck to the target pretty solid. Before I had received my first order, I had decided to order more thinking that they may be sold out soon. I will recieve the remaining two orders soon.

    I wish and hope that Flying Steel will bring back the archived knives so that enthusiast novice knife throwers like me can order and practice more.I am really enjoying learning and growing knife throwing as a great hobby!

    Many thanks Flying Steel and please keep me posted on your site.


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    its really good buy one and you will see!

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    Without question, these are the finest crafted knives I have ever held or seen. I am a beginner thrower. They are great for no-spin Fedin grip technique. Excellent with half spins as well. The steel is also amazingly hard and durable. Pick up the items from the maintenance kit (found on this site), take good care of these blades, and they will serve you well. Also, Patrick is very kind and responsive. Runs his business very professionally, and I cannot thank him enough for what he does. Lifelong customer here now.

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    I felt the need to address a few things that weren’t reviewed. Firstly: this knife, really wants to be thrown at tough targets. Its not that its bad for soft targets, but rather, its too good for them. Its penetration is too good. My cotton wood target, is beginning to be decimated. It can burrow far into its target. Once again, its not bad in that sense, just something a buyer should know going into the purchase. Second: this picture of the knife does not give it the glory it rightly deserves. This knife is incredibly well crafted. Overall, I love this knife. Great time to buy something like this as a hobby!

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    Just got an Arrow a few days ago, already throwing better with it than my coldSteel proFlight. It’s high-quality, perfectly symmetrical. So far, no deformation, despite hitting a cinderblock a couple times, and a chunk of wood a few dozen times.
    The balance is great, glad I finally bought a real throwing knife!

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    From the moment you pick this arrow up , you can feel the quality and rounded smoothness of power surge in your hands , the balance …the grace … !! I sat and admired the flawless perfection in this blade for a while , even before my first throw … Its feeling in the hand is second to none…almost familiar with a home like feeling … I took aim from 20 feet and release my arrow, no spin steady and true it flew into the center as if it was magnetic !!!!! I decided a half spin would be the next release …and so it was …again ….center …. I was only able to afford one of these incredibly crafted knives….but let me confirm…the rumors are true!!! The arrow is exactly as its expressed if not even more so .. if I could only have one knife… this is it … I’m absolutly blown away by the perfection … Patrick Brewster is a legonary master of his craft , absolutely top notch.. pictures do this blade little justice …once you hold it …you’re hooked… its almost as if ….the force is now with you … or the shwartz.

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