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We are known for making the best no-spin throwing knives in the world, and the North Wind and sister knife East Wind are our finest offerings. In the past decade, we have shipped many thousands of North Wind and East Wind knives to over fifteen countries, near and far. Each knife is cut from virgin tool steel plate or bar, heat treated, then hand-ground one at a time. The complete build process is outlined on our technical info page.

The East Wind started in 2008 as a custom order for Master Houzan Suzuki based on his sketch, which in turn was based on traditional Japanese tools and weapons. This classic version of the East Wind is essentially a heavier interpretation of Master Suzuki’s design. Now made in ultra-tough S7 steel, in medium weight. This batch is slightly revised and won’t be an exact match to any previous versions.

8 reviews for East Wind

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    This knife, along with the Talisman were from my second order with Flying Steel. I have not been disappointed with any FS product and this knife is no exception. It lends itself to any style. I wonder if I could tape an RFID chip on it and take it hog hunting here in Middle Georgia. Seriously, this knife is a pleasure to stick.

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    Here’s an example of attention to detail Patrick puts into his knives. My East Winds from 2015 had 8 distinct grind surfaces on the edge alone, which is far more than you’ll find on cheaper blades. Details are here:

    Does it make a difference? You bet. A fine point is easier to stick, but too fine and it becomes fragile. Careful shaping by Patrick can balance these constraints to be both stickable and robust simultaneously.

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    I was new to throwing, and someone recommended Flying Steel to me when I was ready to buy quality throwing knives. I bought just one Talisman and one East Wind to start off. Not too long after that, I bought two more of each. I highly recommend any of Flying Steel’s knives to throwers, and I hope to buy more in the future. Superb quality products, they feel great to throw, hold up well and fly wonderfully, whether I’m throwing half spin, no spin, with various styles. Not to mention some of the best customer service I’ve found! I give this product 5 stars, no contest.

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    This is my favorite knife for half spin throws. I put the false edge in my palm and flick away. I’ve been throwing these knives for years and just fit me so well. The tip is faceted and holds up to the hardest of targets. Like all his knives, Pat puts in a ton of R&D by having the best throwers in the world put the knives through its paces and designs them with the utmost attention to detail. For a slim, concealable, quick knife that also hits like a brick, go with the eastwind.

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    This is an excellent knife for any instinctive throwing style. I just received my new-design East Winds, I have never tried the earlier versions. My “go-to” knives for no spin and instinctive half spin are North Winds and arrows, and I thought that throwing the East Wind would provide a welcome challenge due to the slimmer handle and difference in balance. I was pleasantly mistaken, these knives are a pleasure to throw with ease. Even though I have larger hands and long fingers, the East Wind settles comfortably in my hand and rotation can easily be controlled with a relaxed grip and very light index finger influence. This is undoubtedly helped by the thick .25 steel, you can feel the weight in the grip and the width under your finger. No spin throwing with these feels natural, there is little to concern yourself with about flight and rotation, and you can focus on accuracy. Add to that a slim, sharp point with plenty of weight behind it. This knife sticks hard and deep, even under / over rotated throws will grab the target, and that is a great feature to help improve my technique by trial and error. I am a very happy customer, as always, with this design! All of my Flying Steel knives have been beautifully made, durable and very pleasant to throw with any technique. I’ve tried many different high-quality brands of throwers (which is like trying to find out which restaurant serves the best Filet Mignon, time consuming and expensive), but these are the winners for me hands down for instinctive knife throwing. Thank you Patrick!

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    These things are amazing! Tried one a few months ago, then decided to take the plunge, and get some. Not disappointed in the least! The tips held up to 2+ hours of throwing a day, and the many fails that come along naturally with instinctive throwing. The rounded edges are a godsend. The times they’ve clanked into each other on the target, it takes about 5 seconds to smooth out the bump, and I have yet to have any burrs sharp enough to cut skin. Fantastic for rotation or instinctive throwing – highly recommend!

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    I have only been throwing for a couple months now.Started out with various knives till i found these knifes. i quickly discovered instinctive half spin and no spin. i am fairly serious about practicing and trying to improve so i will only be throwing and practicing with these knives exclusively. Quality is exceptional. They are esthetically beautiful pieces of high grade steel that can really tqke a beating. Cant go wrong with these. Ill be purchasing more.

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    I own dozens of no-spin throwers and not one of them holds a candle to the East Wind. Combining the best traits of a bo-shuriken with those of a throwing knife, the East Wind glides straight and far. Do yourself a favor and pick a few of these up. You will not regret it.

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