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The Javelance represents the best features of all the spikes we’ve made since 2007. The rectangular cross-section provides a stable platform for the index finger and substantial weight for throwing power. This length is ideal for Mumyou-Ryu style long distance throwing. The long Javelance replaces our previous Sarissa design, which is our name for the Mumyou-Ryu ‘Long Shuriken’. This item is meant to be wrapped with a DIY bulb-shaped tape handle in accordance with the Mumyou-Ryu throwing system.

3 reviews for Javelance – Long

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    A lot of no-spin spike throwers begin with de-headed nails or something cheap and easy. That a good way to start, but problems soon surface. For example, nails are mild steel so the tips quickly mushroom. The fragility of the tip is especially apparent if you try and grind a shallow angle for easier sticking. Another problem with nails is an inconsistent grip: round “spikes” (nails) tend to wiggle around, preventing a consistent throw. And so on.
    For the Javelances, everything is done “right”. Hardened steel prevents mushrooming and bending. Shallow points encourage deep sticks. A squared off body facilitates consistent hand position. And so on. The squared off body is particularly useful for long distance half spin at 23+ feet, since a good purchase is needed for your finger.
    There is nothing wrong with a modified nail for some no-spin fun, but… it is disposable, and won’t last. If you want to do some serious training and jack up your skill level, move up to a Javelance.

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    These are awesome! I did not really know what to expect, being the only other spikes I own are a cheap $10 pair from amazon and I would not recommend them for they bounce at great speed. I purchased two of the 10.8 inch java-lances so the length would be the same as my northwinds & talisman. The weight and shape is perfect for no-spin throwing. I think that these actually helped my no-spin technique with my other knives…they arrived yesterday afternoon, in their near indistructable packaging..and I was out almost all day throwing them with my other knives. The squared shape of the spikes, really helped me focus on my grip and release techniques with the other knives..any product you purchase from Flying Steel will not disappoint. I love ever single product I have received from Patrick!

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    This was my first order from Flying Steel. After grabbing and examining the Javelance I am compelled to mention that it absolutely feels like nothing I’ve ever touched. If you had told me Patrick has been gradually converting an area 51 spaceship into knives, I would struggle to not believe you. A blind person could feel throwers were Flying Steel based on touch alone. I know people always say it, but Patrick’s knives are genuinely in a class of their own. You have to experience it to fully believe it.

    I look forward to my next order.

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