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We are known for making the best no-spin throwing knives in the world, and the North Wind and sister knife East Wind are our finest offerings. In the past decade, we have shipped many thousands of North Wind and East Wind knives to over fifteen countries, near and far. As part of continual improvements based on community feedback, this North Wind is Generation 12 – now 0.23″ thick with a petite profile and very compact cross-section. This results in maximum in-flight stability because the mass is closer to the centerline of the knife. Each knife is CNC cut from virgin tool steel plate, heat treated, then hand-ground one at a time. The complete build process is outlined on our technical info page.

Flying Steel started in 2007 as an authorized maker of knives designed by Master Houzan Suzuki and Ralph Thorn. The North Wind was the very first knife that we designed, drawing inspiration from traditional Asian and European knives. The design has been adjusted many times over the years in response to customer feedback and trends in the throwing community. The most extreme design adjustment occurred in 2015, when the knife tip was moved to the centerline and the grind style changed from single-edged to double-edged. This was done to give the knife a near-symmetric profile, which in turn provides optimal in-flight stability and sticking potential.

12 reviews for North Wind

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    The Northwind remains on the top of my list for “Best Knife”! Its neutral balance allows a number of techniques and styles to be used. No matter how long I let this knife sit between training sessions, as soon as I start throwing, they never let me down! Thank you Flying Steel for the knife that gave me an IKTHOF 2015 World title!

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    I started throwing about 2 years ago. Rotational at first with cheap colt spinners, then various other brands and models as I discovered and progressed to no-spin. I have a Shur, a Talisman, and 3 Northwinds and although I love em all, you can’t go wrong with the Northwind, looking forward to the new design. Got a an Arrow in the mail too, can’t wait!

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    I started throwing only 4 months ago, so I consider myself a novice. However, I have been able to become fairly proficient and accurate with no-spin and instinctive half-spin technique after many hours of focused practice. I truly love throwing and practice daily. Starting with a popular brand of 12″ stainless throwers, I was able to get into these techniques but after watching some real pros using finer knives, I had to have some. My North Winds arrived yesterday, and I am very impressed with how much better I can throw with them. The most amazing thing about them is how much easier it is to throw them no-spin and half-spin, after an hours practice (where I felt I had to re-learn the techniques due to the precision and ease that these knives glide from your hand), I was sticking all 3 knives every other round! I believe my love of throwing will grow using these fine tools, thank you Flying Steel for making that happen. I will be ordering more knives very soon I am sure!

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    I just received mine in the mail yesterday and I am already in love. This is seriously the nicest throwing knife I’ve ever held, and I’ve had a lot. I guess it’s true, you get what you pay for. I’ll definitely be buying more.

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    I threw this knife on a regular basis for one year. I became really proficient from 1/2 spin to 2 spin. Amazing knife! I picked it up again this morning for the first time since my horrible throwing arm injury in November 2016. My arm has never fully recovered. I could throw 2 spin because of my arm issue but it took 5 min with this amazing knife and I was nailing up to 1 1/2 spin repetitively until arm gave way. Buy this throwing knife if you can only afford one knife ever!

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    First no spin knives I’ve owned. It was a learning curve but great knives very durable and a pleasure to throw

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    I became intrigued with no spin on you tube about 2 months ago and I noticed most of the no spin advocates kept raving about Flying Steel knives. I foolishly tried some inferior knifes and was not becoming as proficient as I wanted so I decided to purchase some North Winds and I am so happy I did. The knives are of excellent quality, superior workmanship and they fly amazingly. It is truly a pleasure to throw these knives. The customer service goes way beyond any company I have purchased items from. I had a delivery issue with the postal service and Patrick, the owner of Flying Steel, immediately jumped in and resolved the issue quickly and very professionally. I cannot say enough about Flying Steel quality knifes and their excellent customer service. Can’t wait to get the next set of Arrows that are coming out soon.

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    Just received my first North Wind. My only complaint is that I have to wait to get another. I’m a novice and with House spin and no spin from around 4 meters I have to try to not stick it. Great knife and can’t wait to buy another.

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    Incredible quality and durability. Smooth like silk, these are some of the best no spin knives I’ve thrown. Other than having to oil them their is virtually no maintenance. the S7 steel is incredible. It’s well worth the money. flying steel for life!!

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    Flying Steel for life ! I purchased two North Winds and they are the best throwing knives ever. Great for rotational and of course they have upped my no spin game exponentially !! I cant wait to order one more North Wind and several Arrows. Fantastic Product !!!

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    I haven’t gotten a chance to throw my North Wind yet, but it looks and feels amazing out of the packaging, I’m very impressed. Same with my Arrows.

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    Amazing knife. I’d rate it 6 stars if I could. Very versatile. The thickness on the body is perfect, and the facets of the blade couldn’t be better. Side-arm half-spins have never been so fun. This blade is responsible for some of the most satisfying throwing sessions I’ve ever had.

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