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The Saba Ranger is our masterpiece bowie, and the third installment in the Ranger series – preceded by the Storm Ranger and Trail Ranger. At 14-inches long, the Saba Ranger is a rather large knife, best suited for rotational knife throwing. Despite the considerable size, the Saba Ranger is elegant and fast in the the hand; solid but not too heavy.

3 reviews for Saba Ranger

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    I don’t know what else to say other than how could you not love this Bowie style thrower. This is the largest knife I have in my throwing collection, and I’m loving it! my package arrived Saturday afternoon along with two Java-lances, and I must have been out back throwing for 6 hours off and on. This knife is a dream to throw, and a lot of fun to play around with. I have been playing around with all different distances with a nice success rate. throwing this knife if very satisfying, and I would highly recommend picking one up if you have the opportunity to!

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    I love this knife, so much so I own a pair of them.
    If you want a Bowie styled thrower that feels like a real Bowie then this is your knife.
    Patrick makes some of the best engineered throwers on the market and this one is a great example of this.
    The blade is big, the heat treat is perfect for a blade of it’s size and the finish is FLAWLESS.
    I make knives too and I buy these because they have all the features I would include in a Bowie knife and there is nothing I would add to them.

    I throw these often and will most likely sharpen them at some point to use them as field knives.
    They Rockwell high enough to hold a good edge and would be nearly indestructible.

    Bottom line, you won’t regret buying these.

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    Flying Steel knives are finely crafted and nearly indestructible. This knife is a lot of fun to throw! It’s also a lot of fun to look at because the craftsmanship and quality are so obvious.

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