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Initially designed by Ralph Thorn, CK, and Flying Steel in 2007 for no-spin throwing, the Shur-knife’s unique shape provides an extreme handle-heavy balance. This 2020 model (version 6) is redesigned with a simple teardrop shape. The Shur-knife is an ideal substitute for the Arrow, Starship, and other knives with an extreme handle-heavy balance.


9 reviews for Shur-Knife

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    I have an older version of the Shur-Knife in the 10 inch and 12 inch length. Each knife is enjoyable to throw. One of each is not enough. Great for Spin and No-Spin throwing. I might like the 12 inch just a little more because its on the longer end of the Flying Steel line up.

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    If you are looking for a tail-heavy knife for Thorn style no-spin, this is the one to get. The Shur-Knife follows a classic pattern by which all other no-spin knives are now judged.
    More important than design, though, is execution. Patrick provides good attention to detail with his shaping and grind lines, keeping them exceptionally even to encourage a consistent throw. In addition, these knives are “field ready”: there is no need to de-sharpen the blades for safety (as you might see on cheaper throwers). The benefits of subtle details like these can be priceless to a new thrower.
    Flying Steel Shur-Knives have been used in top-level competition in many countries, including the US, Canada, Italy, and the UK. These were the first knives to ever achieve an IKTHOF Expert ranking by RC Samples in Austin, TX in 2014. The IKTHOF Expert score was once again achieved with Shur-Knives in Austin, TX in 2016 by a different thrower.

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    Great quality and can take the punishment of a novice no spin thrower

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    Great knives , i am beginner and in two day with the shur knives i was able to throw No spin at 6 meters …only 3 meters two days before .. awesome!!! i am in france and the single bad thing is the french taxes …you pay half price taxes

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    I haven’t been throwing that long, and the knives I purchase were from amazon, well I finally purchased from FAB, and let me say that without a doubt these are the best knives I’ve ever thrown or held in my hand, if you have reservations about purchasing bout them aside and you won’t be sorry. Also a very important issue to me is customer service, and Patrick is a complete gentleman and knows how to run a business. I will never purchase from anywhere else again.

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    I just got my first 2 .. been looking for the high quality knives. Not the ones on Amazon.
    Solid knives and know waiting for a couple arrows to try out.

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    I have 8 mildly customised versions from 2016 -2018 (originally 9 but 1 is sadly lost) originally intended as a single “go-to” knife for both conventional and no-spin throwing. Counter-intuitively I now use these as my conventional rotational competition knives and use the more handle heavy arrow and similar for no-spin. What remains genuinely outstanding is the make quality; grind, finish and effective indestructibility of these (and my other Flying Steel) knives. There is wisdom in the concept of buy once/buy right. Don’t waste time, money and emotion on cheaper, low quality and often utterly useless throwers. If you are in any way serious about your throwing it is ultimately simple commonsense to get quality that will last a lifetime – and probably beyond!

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    I have just ordered a set of Shur Knives. I have an array of Flying Steel knives. The design, consistency and the durability of Patrick’s creations is bar none. Patrick is a true artist!

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    One elegant piece of this knife (specifically the 2020 version) is that the grinds on the blade end exactly at the balance point. Within 20 throws I was dialed in and nailing 5+ meter throws. I think I finally found a knife that could bump the Arrow from my #1 spot. There are amazing throwers.

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