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The Songbird is designed around a mass-at-balance and mass-at-center concept, with a symmetric mass distribution. This means that the bulk of the weight is in the middle, while the handle and blade are equally light. The goal of the mass-at-balance concept is inherent stability and resistance to rotation. This concept is very different than the norm, and the Songbird will require a technique adjustment for those who are accustomed to a handle-heavy knife. The design goal was to make something unique – it is intended for those who already have the basics of no-spin down, and are up to the challenge of breaking out of their comfort zone regarding knife feel.

9 reviews for Songbird

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    Love this knife. Not great for no spin but amazing for half and full. Been able to hit at 40 feet. Haven’t dared trying further. When it comes to spin throwing this blade is great! Well worth the money.

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    Beautiful knife design, but definitely not one of the better ones for no spin. I wish that there is an option with a full handle instead of having metal taken out. This would make it handle heavy and better for no spin. Aside from that, the knife itself is of solid construction and craftsmanship.

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    This knife was made for instinctive half spin. It hits and and is a pleasure to throw, I have four of them and really cannot recommend it enough.
    As you would expect it is crafted to exacting standards that one expects from Flying Steel!
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    I have to say that this knife is my one of my favorites the center mass makes it a pleasure to throw. Rotational, no spin or half spin have a very smooth release plus I feel the weight is perfect for this knife. I expect nothing less from flying steel the pinnacle of knife making. Looking forward to the future I have never been let down.

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    This absolutely the best no spin knife I’ve thrown to date. My previous favorites were the Arrow and the North Wind. The blurb says one may have to adjust their technique for throwing this knife, which was only slightly the case for me. I first tried it from my comfort zone, between five and six metres, and found all I really had to do was back up two or three feet. After that it was the usual slight adjustments of grip and release angle I usually make when backing up. This knife is lighter, faster, and slightly longer than the Arrow or Northwind, and is an absolute pleasure to throw. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to throw farther and faster with the same or less effort.

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    Excellent no spin knife. It stays incredibly stable on longer throws, but takes a little effort and adjustment to figure out if you’re used to something handle heavy. It is definitely worth your time if you like to throw it all like I do.

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    디자인이 멋지고 무게 길이가 적당합니다.
    노스핀으로 던져보니 공기저항을 덜받는 느낌입니다. 멋진나이프네요👍

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    던질수록 날이 휘어지는건 아쉽지만


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    Just got mine and wow…. It’s insane I like don’t miss with no spin. I also have the arrow and moonship. Surprisingly some people were saying they don’t like it no spin. In my option it was perfect!!!! It starts to get sketchy from like 20-25 feet but 10-15 feet SO EZ. Thanks again love the look of this knife more then anything!!!

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