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The Starship is an update on our 2010 Flying Phi design, which is a simple triangle shape intended to address the balance limitations of the Shur-knife. An extreme handle-heavy balance is provided by the wide handle and narrow blade. This updated version now includes a smaller lanyard hole.

4 reviews for Starship

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    Amazing knife… it throws like an arrow but feels so much lighter, i personally like a lighter knife and at 220 grams its my favorite knife

  2. --- (verified owner)

    Amazing knife! Probably the nicest I’ve ever held, yet alone owned… Throws like a dream, and feels like an extension of myself. Perfect weight and balance. The only downside is there weren’t more than 2 for me to buy! Cant wait for the rest of my orders to show up. Worth every penny.

  3. --- (verified owner)

    I bought two, I wish I had bought more because they are currently unavailable.
    This knife is perfect for me. I have kizlyars, cold steels and kabars. I’m fairly new at no spin so I have some busted up tips on all my knives. Not these! They have a narrow tip but have not been busted up. They are chamfered all around perfectly and have a hole in the handle that I use to index where my grip goes. They will rust easily but they can also be oiled and taken care of easily as well. I have my eye out for new arrivals of this design.

  4. --- (verified owner)

    Perfect no-spin thrower. I have practiced with this model for 2 years straight, and have tested designs from all over the world in that same period. Nothing has been a better fit for me. It is the only thing I’ll throw in competition for years to come I imagine. I started with one, and now I have 13 of them if that tells you anything.

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