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The Talisman is built to be an affordable and effective throwing knife, ideal for no-spin and half-spin throwing. The Talisman inherits its shape from the successful East Wind and original North Wind knives. Generation 4.

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    I was on the fence about buying this. I didn’t think the tool mattered as much as the user. I was ABSOLUTELY wrong. The first time I held the talisman I thought “this is too heavy and it’s got a safety chisel egde. No way will this work.”.
    Well, wrong again. That was 0 for 2 for me. This thing left my hand like a guided missle and it flew true and straight and fast and it hit so hard I couldn’t pull it out without steadying my hardwood board. I thought it was a fluke. I threw it probably 45 more times and I missed three times. I used to hit 2 out of 5 with my old junky SOG throwers. That’s over 100 plus percent increase in accuracy. Think about that. This is hands down the best and most accurate knife I’ve ever thrown. Ever. It hits harder than a tomahawk. It wants to go where you throw it. It acts more like an extension of the user than a tool. Patrick has created something magical and the passion and knowledge screams at you on the first throw of this knife. My mind is blown. I will be purchasing a full suite of every product flying steel offers and my expectations are high. I can’t praise this blade enough. It’s tough. It’s accurate. It wants to be thrown. Free restoration. Immediate access to the maker that holds an encyclopaedic knowlege of the sport. I could go on.
    Don’t second guess it. Do yourself a favor, splurge and buy one, and I guarantee you won’t ever go anywhere else for a throwing knife again. It is an absolute game changer.

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    The Talisman is a great thrower and modestly priced. I threw it well out of the box. It has a good feel and you can throw it equally well “right side up” or “upside down”. You can easily switch between classic slide throw style and Russian throw with very little change on how you grip it. I think it is a staple in any no-spin throwers’ arsenal.

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    I was new to throwing, and someone recommended Flying Steel to me when I was ready to buy quality throwing knives. I bought just one Talisman and one East Wind to start off. Not too long after that, I bought two more of each. I highly recommend any of Flying Steel’s knives to throwers, and I hope to buy more in the future. Superb quality products, they feel great to throw, hold up well and fly wonderfully, whether I’m throwing half spin, no spin, with various styles. Not to mention some of the best customer service I’ve found! I give this product 5 stars, no contest.

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    The Talisman is expediting my progress to the point that it has restored my confidence, and stoked my interest in throwing knives. I’m one of those guys who only pursues endeavors in which I am a “natural” from minute one of initial effort. This, in my opinion, has not been the case with knife throwing. A week or two of throwing $4 P.P. knives at my firewood pile with only lucky sticks, I was done. None the less, in my excitement for the sport I had already ordered a long, heavy knife from the craftsman at Flying Steel. To my surprised chagrin, I started sticking a few knives! After doing so, a professional who I had met on Facebook gave me three new Flying Steel Talismans to help me along. The progress has been so amazingly rapid that I’ve stopped sharing it with people in order to soon surprise them in the near future. Yes, practice and advice has helped immensely. Without the quality, perfection of length, weight and width of The Flying Steel Talisman I surely would have already been weeks in to my next challenging endeavor with knife throwing being nothing but a faint memory of a fruitless journey. One could spend more money on a knife and wait weeks, months, a year for a knife of quality that would at the very best perhaps equal the quality of The Flying Steel Talisman. On that note, the last order that I received from Flying Steel arrived before USPS had sent me the tracking number!

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    Amazing knives, and the quality is top notch. I purchased 2 of The Talisman and 1 Northwind for my first set of quality throwers and it did not take long for me to place my 2 order. If you are looking for something to help learn No-spin, look no further. I have dozens of cheap sets of throwers and i was completely unsuccessful at learning no spin throws with them. First time taking these knives out was a real confidence booster for me, I started landing no spin sticks right away. I have been throwing these in both rotational and no-spin and loves them for both. These things hit with a commanding and very satisfying thunk. I have no doubt that with proper care, these will last me a lifetime!

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    Good knife good price and can take a beating from a determined no spin novice

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    Once again I have to say there are nothing like holding or throwing these knives. I myself had reservations about buying from FAB, and once I received my “treasure” as I will call it, never again will I purchase anywhere else. I am eagerly awaiting the arrows, my only regret is I can’t purchase as many as I want!

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    I have only been throwing about a year and been looking for a knife that I can throw consistantly. This knife is a good weight and thickness for a smaller hand that is used to throwing a ball, feels comfortable and is tough as nails. It’s my go to for no spin throwing.

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    I’ve owned several different Flying Steel knives, these are my absolute favorite. Spin, no-spin, instinctive half spin, or military half spin it doesn’t matter this knife excels at them all.

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    Talisman rox. Period.

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    Blacktag Talisman- great knife, good value.

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    Im new to the sport. Started out the first couple months with a bunch of knives from various vendors. Some ok, some cheap crap. after two months of rotational throwing at the prescribed distances i stumbled onto tom toms vids on youtube.This steered me to flying steels products. for the past month or so i have only been throwing these knifes. talisman,north wind and the arrows. Pretty much done with rotational and only throwing half and no spin.These are products worth buying at twice the price. What a joy to get the packages they send. packed with care and mindfullness. What can you say. a superior product. ill never buy or throw anything else im fairly certain. Well done flying steel. customer for life.

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    This is my first set of Flying Steel knives and I absolutely love them. I have several other sets of knives from beginner sets to competition knives and this was the first set that really unlocked no spin throwing for me. They just seem to naturally flow out of your hand and stick where you’re aiming. Great fun! Thanks Flying Steel

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    I love the Tailsman. Purchased 8 of them.

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    I throw no-spin exclusively and the Talisman is a great knife for that. The other reviews pretty much covered how good the performance is already. I want to add that their steel is awesome. I usually have to touch up my other knives with a file or sandpaper to remove some nicks that happen when the knives hit each other, but i have been throwing my Talismans daily for a month now and have yet to do anything to them. I just clean them after each session and they are good to go. I will definitely be buying more Flying Steels in the future.

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