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The Upriser is our latest design in the Storm/Hunter design family – preceded by the Storm Hunter, Storm Rider, Sky Hunter, and Storm Raider. This is an experimental/collector’s-edition model, not a no-spin performance knife*. This mid-size design is intended for no-spin and half-spin throwing.

This knife has a neutral balance and a front and rear guard, which means your finger placement options are intentionally limited. The purpose of this design is to allow you to explore the challenges of throwing a knife with a guard and a neutral balance.

*No-spin performance knives have a handle-heavy balance and a relatively simple shape that doesn’t limit finger placement options. These knives work best for most people, especially beginners.

3 reviews for Upriser V7

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    The Upriser is a great knife. Flying Steel donated 10 of the Guardless Upriser to Wilderness Awareness School. The teens and women love it because it fits in the hand well and does not feel to heavy for them. Some have said they would like it as their normal knife for carving and survival work. The 1/4 inch thick body just feels wonderful in the hand. It works well for blade, handle and no spin throwing. I personally can get out to 15-18 feet for a no spin throw. Wonderful knife. I would love to see it in a 30% larger version as well.

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    Amazing knife, love the design… the special 2ni steel is literally that, it is velvety and buttery, doesnt seem to burr up or even take damage as easily…very solid knife!

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    Amazing knife. I know the description says the knife is a bit of a challenge to throw but I honestly haven’t found that to be the case. And while the guard is described as limiting finger placement options, I find that it is perfectly placed for the ideal finger position anyway so there is probably little reason you’d need to place it elsewhere anyway. It’s incredibly comfortable, throws fairly easily, and is probably the most durable knife I’ve ever owned (the tip is still as sharp as the day I got it). Also, it looks badass.

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