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Are the prices for a single item or a set?

All prices are per single item. We strive to offer the best value in throwing knives that are US-made from virgin steel. If you find a better deal, let us know!

Can I buy a product that isn’t listed on your website?

Currently we are not accepting custom orders, and many products are not in production. If a product is not listed, it is not available for purchase. See the news page for product availability details.

Do you have a physical storefront? Is there a distributor of Flying Steel knives near me?

No, this website is the only place to purchase new Flying Steel gear.

Do you ship to my country? What is the shipping fee?

We are located in the USA. We ship worldwide. Shipping is flat-rate – $10 to the US, $30 to Canada, and $40 everywhere else. See shipping and ordering for more details.

When will my order ship?

Each product page displays a ready-to-ship date. Orders ship when all products are ready. See shipping and ordering for more details.

When will a sold-out knife be available again?

If a product is listed on the site, but sold-out, it means we are making more as fast as possible. To ensure that you don’t miss the next batch, please join the email list and you will be notified when the product is available. We do not accept reservations or pre-orders on stock products. We do not provide personalized notifications.

Why are designs changing and often unavailable?

Knives are now produced with a batch-by-batch production strategy. Price, availability, steel grade, steel thickness, weight, design shape, and all other parameters are subject to change with each batch. There is always a lapse of availability between batches. The only sure way to build a matching set of knives is to purchase from one batch.

Our knife designs are ‘calibrated’, which means the shape is adjusted to achieve a particular target weight, regardless of steel thickness. The weight of each knife is a direct and intentional design goal – in other words, if a knife weighs 235 grams, it’s because we’ve carefully designed it to be 235 grams. We have no control over the ever-changing availability of usable steels in a particular thickness, which means the shape of each design may change with each batch because the steel thickness may change with each batch. This is why, for example, we have produced some Arrow knives with a wide handle and others with a narrow handle – both versions have the same overall length, weight, and approximate balance; but one version is wider because the steel is slightly thinner. We are unable to make predictions about future batches because we are unable to predict the future availability of usable steels in a particular thickness.

What knives do you recommend?

We are known for making the best no-spin throwing knives in the world, and the North Wind and sister knife East Wind are our finest offerings. In the past decade, we have shipped many thousands of North Wind and East Wind knives to over fifteen countries, near and far. For those who prefer a more specialized knife, the Arrow is another proven model that we make in partnership with Tom Hampich, the designer. The buyer is encouraged to read about the various styles of no-spin knife throwing and select one style that is appealing. The throwing style will determine the ideal knife length and balance, and a suitable knife can then be selected. Most of our knives are 10 to 11 inches long because this size is compatible with most no-spin throwing styles. When in doubt, select the knife that is visually appealing and available. Please email with any questions.

Can you (or I) sharpen the edges of a Flying Steel knife?

Flying Steel knives are made to withstand the abusive nature of knife throwing. The steel hardness and bevel grind angle are optimized for maximum toughness and safety rather than slicing or edge-holding ability. We do not offer sharp edges. See use and care info for more details.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards, PayPal, and US money orders. See shipping and ordering for more details.

Are prices negotiable? Is a sale happening soon?

No, prices are carefully set as low as possible and are not padded to allow for a marketing budget or discount. We do not operate on a normal business model. We are confident that our work is worth the asking price – a discount would be unfair to us, and unfair to everyone who pays full price. However, all customers who first buy at full price and then join the email list are given a very small discount on future orders.

What should I use as a target?

End-grain soft wood makes the best target. Log slices (also known as log rounds) are cheap and easy if you have access to them, but are prone to splitting. Block targets are better because they allow for maintenance and restoration, but they are heavy and laborious to make.

Face-grain soft wood is also good, and a panel made from wood boards is perfect as a backdrop or support for an end-grain target.

Plywood and hard wood (e.g. oak, maple) should be avoided.

Knifethrowing.info has a lot of information on targets. This vid shows how to build a face-grain target. Vids that show how to make a block target can be seen here, here, and here.