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Prices, designs, or availability may change at any time. Please contact us with any concerns.


Your name, email, and shipping info is stored on our secure server and is never disclosed. Your payment info is encrypted with SSL technology and is never stored on our servers.


When you place an international order, you are a knife importer. You are responsible for all taxes and fees imposed by your government. You are responsible for researching and complying with all applicable regulations. Once a package arrives at the destination country, delays are common, and we have no control over the process. Once a package arrives at the destination country, you are responsible for initiating an inquiry with your postal service if delivery is stalled. We ship with instructions to return-to-sender in the event of refusal, and we will refund all merchandise payments for items that are refused and returned. We are not responsible for packages that have arrived at the destination country but have not been delivered or returned. However, if you have not received your package after 30 days, we will attempt to work toward a solution.


When packages are stalled, misdirected, lost, or stolen during the delivery process, the matter will be resolved by either (a) location and delivery of the original package, or (b) refund of the purchase amount. In all cases, your cooperation, as outline below, is required to pursue a resolution.

When tracking shows the package as not delivered, and the package is stalled, misdirected, or lost, we will launch an inquiry with the carrier in an attempt to locate your package. Generally this takes up to 30 days. After 30 days, if your package has not been delivered or located, we will resolve the matter by issuing a refund.

When tracking shows the package as delivered but the package is missing, you must file a police report, file a stolen mail report with the postal service, and forward written copies of these reports to us. We will begin working toward a resolution upon receipt of these reports. You may be required to provide additional documentation.


Knife throwing is inherently dangerous.
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